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Meet Ashley

Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker

Founder of Your Excuse is Invalid

Your Mind is a Powerful Thing.

Ashley Green

Your Excuse is Invalid was established after Founder, Ashley Green, battled through multiple leg surgeries over eight years after a hit-and-run accident. With several revision surgeries resulting in an eventual leg amputation and recovery from a spinal tumor in 2019, Ashley really tuned in to how important mindset is when going through this sort of situation. 

Ashley and her families eyes were opened to the gaps in the healthcare system and how difficult it can really be to get the proper equipment, training and medical aid needed to remain active and healthy both physically and mentally. 

A dream came true in January 2019, when a talented group/Board (composed of many whom were helpful and a part of Ashley's recovery) came together and Your Excuse is Invalid became a NFP and grant program for those who want to remain active as an amputee and anyone with any other physical disability who wants to remain active. 

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